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How to Tell if Your Car is a Clunker

A junk car isn't just one that isn't running. If you've had your car for quite a while and haven't kept up on repairs, it might be time to get another vehicle. Even if you don't think that anyone else would be interested, Cash for Cars is! We'll give you cash for junk cars, whether or not they're running.

Identifying your junker

Even if it's running, your car may be a clunker if it's been in a collision and looks like its been through the wringer. A damaged body leads to an increased risk of rust and holes that affect appearance and no longer protect the insides from the elements. Your car might be considered junk if it has some serious mechanical issues, such as trouble with the engine or the transmission. Additionally, if your vehicle has seen better days and you just don't feel like putting more money for repairs into it, your vehicle might be a heap. Of course, if your vehicle isn't running due to a major issues, it's probably safe to say that your car is junk.

Why would I want to sell?

Maybe you should ask yourself, ''why wouldn't you sell?' There's no reason to hang onto a junk vehicle, especially if it isn't running or you can no longer afford the upkeep. That old car is just taking up space in your driving or your yard, leaking its environmentally-damaging fluids into the ground. Don't let your car just sit there and decay, get some money for it and get it out of your hair and out of sight.

Why sell to Cash For Cars?

There's another one of them ''why?'' questions. Why wouldn't you want to sell to someone who is willing to give you money for a car that's not really a gem in the mine? It can really be tough to convince someone else to try to buy a vehicle that doesn't run that great, if at all, and one that looks worse for the wear. At Cash for Cars located in Bonita, CA, we don't care about that. We'll even come and get it if it can't make the trip to us, and we'll trade you some cash on top of it! Find out how easy it is to give us your junk car and get cash for it by calling us today.

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